All of the parts sorted on a folding table.  The bags are very well labeled.

The basic frame assembled.  All connections are still loose at this point.

Installing the linear bearings was a tight fit, but I managed to get them in.

Farther along the path.

WHen I first tried to install the cowling around the extruder tip, it didn’t fit.

After reading the instructions more carefully, it says to lightly hook the cowling hole around the tip BEFORE installing the screws on the side where the fan gets mounted.  After this photo was taken, I undid the screws and slid the cowling to the left, hooking it carefully over the extruder tip, and then it all fit fine.  Lesson learned about reading instructions fully and carefully.

Mounting the stepper motors.

I couldn’t resist taking a look inside the brain of the machine.  Nice clean work.

Starting the wiring, keeping in mind the wire colour coding changes on the recent 2014 kits.

Had these parts leftover at the end.  Turns out that the black rubber disc is used to clean the filament right above the extruder.  It works great by the way.

The springs are a holdover from the original model Ecksbot, that aren’t required for the 201q4 model, but they got installed later on the Y axis anyway.

The parts in this bag are the extruder cleaning rod (long copper one), the tiny extruder tip cleaning pin, and the balck plastic L shaped piece is used to square everything up during the calibration phase.