Prusa i3

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In late March 2016, I decided to look for a printer to make larger PLA objects than the M3D could handle.  So, I did a lot of research, and decided to try building a Prusa i3 based machine.

I ordered it from AliExpress and it arrived from China in just 9 days (thanks FedEx Express free shipping).

Thanks to videos from Hiboson and Alan’s Way on YouTube, I was able to assemble the printer with very few hiccups.

As I started to use this printer, I quickly found some of the limitations of a low cost printer kit.

Some of the upgrades and additions that I have made for my printer are:

Y-axis Stepper Support:

Power Supply Spacer:

LCD Case – to mount the LCD on the front of the printer:

Bed Levelling Thumb Wheels:

Z-axis Stabilizers:

Compact Bowden Extruder:

X-Carriage Main Body:

X-Carriage Extruder Holder:


Currently in Progress:

Adjustable Z Axis End Stop:

Control Board Cooling Fan Mount:

Bowden Side Mount:

Power Supply Switch Module:

Extruder Support with Proximity Probe Holder: