Ever since I started 3D printing, I have relied on many people who post videos of their experiences on YouTube and other web sites.

In the fall of 2016, I started researching and assembling some video gear so that I could give back to the community by sharing some of my experiences.  Unfortunately, some family issues distracted me for a while, but, I am finally ready to start some live streaming to share some of my adventures.  Here is some of the gear that I am currently using for live streaming and editing video.

Creative Rig:
This is the main computer that I use for creating 3D models, slicing and communicating with the printers.

MacBook Pro 13″ i7, 16gb ram running Mojave

2 x 27″ Asus Monitors

Drawing Tablets:
Huion KAMVAS Pro 22 Pen Tablet Display
Wacom Intuos (came bundled with ZbrushCore)

Zbrush (upgraded from ZbrushCore)
Rhinoceros 3D
Lightwave 3D
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)

Streaming/Recording/Editing Computer:
This computer was added because the Creative Computer could not handle multiple webcam inputs, running the creative software, encoding and uploading simultaneously.  Using a stand alone computer seemed like the best solution.

Previously used HP mid-tower AMD FX-8150 CPU, HD7570 video (Radeon?), 24gb ram, 120SSD boot drive, 2TB data drive, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Xsplit Broadcaster

Video Encoder:
Elgato HD60S (from MacBook Pro HDMI output)

Panasonic Lumix G7
2 x Logitech C920
USB Microscope Camera

Camera Encoder:
Elgato HD60S

Wireless LAV Microphone

Elgato Stream Deck

Desk Microhone:
Cheap RSQ P20 Dynamic ($5 yard sale purchase)

Microphone Stand:
Neewer Suspension Boom Arm

Audio Mixers:
Belkin TuneStudio 4 channel mixer for old iPod (bought used for $10 many years ago)

Background Music:
Created by SkywardStudios.ca

Video Backdrop:
Elgato Green Screen (I tried others but the simplicity of this unit won me over)

Other Gear:
iPhone for monitoring the live stream
iPad for checking stream / chat / etc
Old Sony 40″ LCD TV for reading chat with my old eyes

Gigabit home/office network
Cable Internet 60 down/ 10 up
Google Wifi Mesh Home

 Last updated: May 2019